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At A-Eco Clean Environment we understand that its important to have and maintain a clean, safe and germ free work environment. That is why we make sure that nothing is missed when we are cleaning an office or house. A-Eco Clean Environment makes sure that every nook and cranny is attended to from the reception area to lavatories and kitchens. We are fully equipped to handle the most stringent situations with confidence. Our cleaning specialist never overlook anything and ensure you the cleanest environment possible.

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The restroom is a place that should always be clean and maintained at all times. Although that is not the case all the time, A-Eco Clean Environment will ensure that your office, house and or lavatory is cleaned to the utmost standard. We understand that such things as clean and sanitized surface toilets and urinals are mandatory not optional. You deserve the comfort of knowing that when you enter a restroom you know that it was cleaned and mopped with germicidal disinfectant or that all paper, soap's and sanitary products were replenished. A-Eco Clean Environment will bring you this peace of mind and sense of cleanliness.

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The kitchen area is an important place of any home or office. The kitchen is where food is prepared, cooked and served. It is also the easiest place to harbor and produce germs and bacteria. A-Eco Clean Environment strives itself to make sure that all kitchen appliances, stainless steel appliances and vending machines are cleaned and sanitized. Such as tables, chairs, counter tops and cabinets must be dusted and floors sweeped and mopped.

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One of the most noticable things in any office or household is the floor or carpet. The flooring is one place that attracts the most dirt and dust due to the traffic flow of people everyday. A-Eco Clean Environment wants to keep you satisfied with the look and finish of your flooring and thats why we assure you that your carpet will be steamed cleaned to get out the dirt and give you that new look again. The same things applies for hard wood or tile flooring. A-Eco Clean Environment helps restore that new floor look and gives your office or home that prestigious feeling.

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Building trash chutes are an area that very often get over looked because its used as an access point to get the garbage from one point to the other. Over time this access point will develop many factors that can cause it to be a safe haven and “feeding zone” for rodents and insects. A-Eco Clean Environment understands the importance of having and maintaining trash chutes. We have the right tools the get the job done. We also maintain your trash chute enabling you to manage and maintain the look and feel of your business.

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A-Eco Clean Environment can also remove paint and unwanted graffiti using a high amount of pressure and steam mixed with chemicals. Whether its masonry paint on a side of a house or graffiti on the brick work of a building our professional staff can remove almost anything. Several precautions are also taken to ensure that only the paint and graffiti are removed while making certain no damage is caused to the original material.